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Welcome to the 2nd Style Italiano Endodontics International Congress in Greece.

Style Italiano Endodontics (SIE) with it’s almost 200K members is currently the biggest group of dentists in the world of social media. Given the strong brand name and wide public acceptance, every SIE educational activity becomes the event of the year in every location held. After the big success of the 1st SIE Congress in Greece in Thessaloniki, its time for Athens to host this year’s mega event. In 18 lectures and 33 workshops, more than 30 lecturers from around the globe, gold and silver members of Style Italiano Endodontics and professors of Universities along with top notch clinicians are going to share their knowledge and clinical expertise to more than 500 participants.

The tittle of the Congress is “Teach me how to”. The feedback from congresses around the world is that dentists crave to be trained in modern hands-on courses. They want to attend informative lectures as well so that they return to their clinics wiser and ready to start working with new techniques and materials. This is why this year we will focus on the Root to Crown approach. All aspects of this subject, from diagnosis to permanent restoration are going to be covered thoroughly. The motto of the group is “feasible, teachable, repeatable”. In addition to the scientific program, the workshops will not only be addressing Endodontics but will include modern restoration techniques, use of lasers, management of periodontal tissues, etc and give the chance to the participants to improve their clinical skills and to interact with key opinion leaders.


Official language

The official language of the Congress is going to be English, following the SIE Facebook page’s guidelines.