Dr. Grzegorz Witkowski – Poland

Dr. Grzegorz Witkowski – Poland

Dr Grzegorz Witkowski was born in 1979 in Poland. He studied at Medical University of Warsaw and graduated in 2003. Member of European Society of Endodontics, Polish Association of Endodontics and Polish Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry and American Association of Endodontics. Dr Witkowski is a recognized international speaker
and author of many articles regarding advanced endodontics, lasers in endodontics, cbct, CAD/CAM solutions and use of the microscope in everyday practice.

His passion is dental microscope photography and videography. From 2004 works in a private clinic in Olsztyn, Poland, focusing on endodontics (mainly retreatment), CAD/CAM and laser dentistry.

In 2015 he founded a polish lecture team Dental Masters Group with main focus in teaching advanced endodontics, prosthodontics and restorative dentistry.

In 2018 he opened one of the most advanced private dental training centers in Poland where he and his team of lecturers organizes local and international programs and KOL meetings. Every Year they train approximately 500 – 600 dentists in the Center. He became also first polish Gold Member of the biggest international endodontic group
Style Italiano Endodontics. In 2020 he builded professional video studio for recording educational videos. From 2020 he started a project with new online programs called DMG TV where he invites other lecturers to speak about different topics. Up to now he performed more then 80 live-streaming dental programs and counting.

He is an author of a book „Endodontic Procedures” published with Quintessence Publishing Poland in 2021. Book covers clinical protocols for everyday practices and helps dentists to understand how to perform predictable endodontics.

Dr. Grzegorz Witkowski is well renowned international based lecturer with more than 16 years experience in lecturing. He is an international consultant and lecturer of VDW (Germany), Septodont (France). His hobbies are triathlon, motorcycles, traveling and cycling.

He was lecturing in several countries such as Moldova, Czech Republic, Albania, Belgium, Poland, Latvia, Guatemala, Hungary, Croatia, Azerbaijan, Russia, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Romania, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Italy, Finland, Turkey, Germany and some more countries.

His lectures covers all subjects regarding clinical endodontics (including advanced retreatment) and implementation of microscope in dentistry as well as post endodontic direct and indirect restorations and its biomechanics.


Lecture abstract

Endodontics have changed. New instruments, protocols and minimally invasive approach changed the way We treat our patients nowadays. Unfortunatelly still anatomy is our main enemy in primary treatment. Mistakes created during initial treatment create all problems during re-treatment. Even worse is a a minimally invasive approach to perform proper irrigation protocol after small preparation. Connected with small cavity access design can easily lead to a failure.

Lasers are known for years and widely used in endodontics, however up to now most of clinicans use them only to improve irrigation phase, but imagine the situation You dont have to prep canals, You dont have to be affraid of file breakage. And now think about it as a reality. During the lecture You will understand possibilities as well as all limitations of new  non-instrumentation technique.

Workshop abstract

During this workshop You will learn and understand all the possibilities laser endodontics can give You. I will show You how to incorporate Er;Cr:YSGG lasers inYour everyday practice. If You are new to endodontics You will expierience the laser technology which can help You solve almost all problems of endodontics and If You are already experienced endo- specialist but still without the laser in Your proctice You will find this new spark to ignite and fell same emotions as at the begining of Your career.