Dr. Homan Zandi – Norway

Dr. Homan Zandi – Norway

Dr Zandi graduated from University of Oslo with DDS and Endo specialty certificate. He also earned a PhD on Antibacterial and clinical outcome of retreatment of teeth with infection at University of Oslo, Dental school. He is part-time assistant professor at the same faculty and maintains a referral practice in endodontics in Oslo, Norway.

Factors Affecting the Outcome of Endodontic Treatment

Various factors considered as predictors of the outcome in endodontic (re)treatment. A knowledge of these factors may help to predict the prognosis of a treatment and improve decision making among different treatment modalities. A selection of studies adhering to the best level of evidence is required in order to assess the influence of several factors on the outcome. This presentation will explore the impact of pre, intra, – and postoperative factors on the clinical outcome.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discuss the prognosis of endodontic (re)treatment
  • Discuss the reasons for failure
  • Evaluate the impact of various factors on the clinical outcome