Dr. Ivan Mirovic – Serbia

Dr. Ivan Mirovic – Serbia

He graduated from University of Belgrade, School of Dentistry, Serbia, in 2008 (DDS, Master of Science). In 2009, he completed his one-year general practice residency.

From 2009 he completed advanced training in endodontics attending the continuing education in endodontics courses by leading international experts in the field, as well as national and international congresses.

Since 2012 he has committed his professional career to endodontics. In 2018 he was promoted to Silver member of StyleItaliano Endodontics. Dr. Mirovic runs a private practice committed to endodontics in Belgrade, Serbia.

Abstract Teach me how to master warm vertical compaction

The three dimensional obturation of the root canal system is one of the most important steps of root canal treatment. The main problem with cold gutta percha techniques is that gutta percha points never merge into a homogeneous mass. Rather, gutta percha cones are frozen in a sea of sealer which results in undesirably large amounts of sealer in the final filling.

Warm gutta percha techniques are certainly the best techniques to achieve the obturation objective. Vertical compaction of warm gutta percha, introduced by Herbert Schilder, produces consistently dense, dimensionally stable, three-dimensional root canal fillings. Accessory canals are filled with extraordinary frequency. Thereafter, this technique has been simplified by Stephen Buchanan, who described the continuous wave of condensation technique.

The aim of the workshop is to explain in detail the protocol of the warm gutta percha techniques. The use of dedicated devices for down-pack and back-fill procedure provides a great help to the clinician in mastering the techniques. During the workshop the participants will try both, warm vertical compaction technique and continuous wave of condensation technique, under the supervision of the speakers.