Dr. Marc Habib – Lebanon / France

Dr. Marc Habib – Lebanon / France

Doctor Marc Habib did his undergrad studies in Dentistry at the Saint Joseph University of Beirut and graduated with honors. He was awarded the Zareh Ouzounian prize of Endodontics in 2004.

He graduated in 2007 with a Masters Specialization in Endodontics followed by a Masters in Biomaterials of the oral Cavity at the Saint Joseph University as well.

Very skillful using the operating microscope, he is a highly skilled professional with extensive experience in endodontics. Senior lecturer giving courses in the Endodontic University Diploma program at Saint Joseph University (Beirut), University of Jaume I (Spain) and Masters of Advanced Endodontics program of the University of Sienna (Italy).

He is the Treasurer of Lebanese Society of Endodontology, member of the European Society of Endodontology and member of the SIE (Italian Society of Endodontics).

Since 2009 he has been a member of the organizing committee for the annual international meeting of the Lebanese Society of Endodontology.

Gold Member of the Style Italiano Endodontics group.

Opinion leader and speaker at numerous conferences and workshops in Lebanon, UAE and abroad. He limits his practice to endodontics in his private practice at Beirut Endodontic Clinic (Lebanon) and at Drs Nicolas & ASP clinics (Dubai UAE).


Teach me how to instrument calcified canals


Calcified teeth present unique challenges during root canal treatment, often necessitating advanced techniques and technologies to achieve successful outcomes. This presentation aims to explore two cutting-edge approaches, operating microscope utilization with ultrasonic tips and guided endodontics, as means to enhance precision and success rates in the treatment of calcified teeth.

The operating microscope provides unparalleled visualization, enabling endodontists to navigate complex root canal systems with enhanced clarity and accuracy. By magnifying the treatment area, it facilitates the identification and negotiation of calcified canals, resulting in more efficient removal of dentinal obstructions using burs and ultrasonic tips.

In addition to the operating microscope, guided endodontics has emerged as a revolutionary tool in the management of calcified teeth. Through advanced imaging techniques and computer-aided planning, this approach allows for precise preoperative assessment and virtual guidance during treatment. By creating three-dimensional models and accurate drilling paths, guided endodontics minimizes the risk of procedural errors and ensures optimal canal access in complex cases.

During this presentation, we will delve into the advantages of utilizing the operating microscope and guided endodontics in calcified teeth cases. We will discuss the step-by-step application of these techniques, highlighting their impact on clinical decision-making, treatment planning, and execution.

By harnessing the power of the operating microscope and guided endodontics, endodontists can overcome the challenges posed by calcified teeth, leading to more predictable and successful root canal treatments. This presentation aims to empower dental professionals with the knowledge and insights necessary to incorporate these advanced techniques into their clinical practice, ultimately improving patient outcomes and satisfaction.


Post removal: show me how


This workshop aims to provide a comprehensive hands-on learning experience focused on the removal of fiber posts, screw posts, and cast post and cores prior to endodontic retreatment. The successful management of these restorations is crucial in achieving optimal outcomes for patients requiring retreatment.

Subsequently, the workshop will then proceed to the removal of screw posts, which often present unique challenges due to their threaded design. Participants will engage in hands-on exercises using ultrasonic tips to dislodge the luting cement and unscrew the post.

The second part will focus on the removal of cast post and cores. Participants will learn various approaches, including sectioning, and the use of dental bur systems, and special ultrasonic tips, through interactive demonstrations and practical sessions. Emphasis will be placed on preserving tooth structure while effectively dislodging these restorations.

The workshop will then cover various techniques for removing fiber posts. Participants will have the opportunity to observe and learn how to employ ultrasonic tips to eliminate these posts in a conservative way under high magnification.

Throughout the workshop, participants will have the opportunity to engage in discussions with the instructors, share their experiences, and seek guidance on specific cases or challenges they may have encountered in their clinical practice.