Dr. Maria Kassampali

Dr. Maria Kassampali

Dr Kasampali Maria was born in Thessaloniki in 1982. In 2000 she entered the School of Dentistry at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and graduated D.D.S. in 2006.

In September 2007 she was chosen in a three-year postgraduate specialization program in Endodontics of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and in 2010, after completing her thesis, she received the MSc Degree of Specialization in Endodontics. At the research level, from the beginning of her specialty in Endodontics until today, she has lectured at 5 international conferences, leading the World Congress of Endodontics (IFEA 2010), in which she presented a part of her thesis.

In June 2019 she completed the two-year Postgraduate Program in “Primary Health Care” of Faculty of Medicine at the University of Thessaly with a degree “Excellent”.

The doctor is member at board of directors of the Hellenic Association of Endodontists and the vice president of the Thessalian Stomatologic Society of Greece.

Since 2010, she has been living in the city of Larissa, where she owns a private practice, focusing exclusively on Endodontics. The last three years she owns a second private practice not only limited to Endodontics, but also in 2D and 3D (CBCT) dental radiology in the city of Karditsa.

Teach me how to effectively remove guttapercha

The retreatment involves re-accessing the pulp chamber, removing the three-dimensional intra-canal obturation materials before proceeding to a new root canal treatment. In most cases the obturation material are guttapercha and a sealer.

Following the huge acceptance of Hyflex, a new instrument of retreatment has just arrived in our armory from COLTENE. It is indicated for all types of root canals due to its elasticity and its high capacity for efficient removal of gutta- percha.

The HyFlex Remover file has been specifically designed to remove the guttapercha obturation material during non-surgical endodontic retreatment. After the guttapercha has been removed from the root canal, the practitioner may proceed with the canal re-shaping, with hand or rotary system instruments.

Some characteristic features of Hyflex Remover:

  • One single rotary file to remove the root filling material
  • Respects the root canal anatomy
  • Efficient without any solvent
  • Minimally invasive 1mm wire
  • Variable triple-helix cross-section and heat treatment
  • A unique feature that is incorporated to preserve the pericervical dentin
  • Safe, thanks to non-cutting tip

Coltene completes “the quiver” of our choices for a successful endodontic treatment and retreatment.


Teach me how to re-treat failed endodontic cases

Dealing with the challenge!

Root Canal Retreatment is, perhaps, the epitome of “endodontic art”. It requires critical thinking and extensive clinical experience, at all stages of Root Canal Retreatment, from the case selection and treatment plan to the three-dimensional cleaning, shaping and obturation of the complex root canal system. Root Canal Retreatment is a challenge for every dentist and endodontist, as it requires a thorough knowledge of the anatomy of the root canal system and the principles that govern each stage of endodontic treatment. At the same time during this therapeutic process the clinician is required to deal with the most iatrogenic errors of the primary endodontic treatment. Some questions that we will try to answer in this presentation are:

  • Which is the prevalence of periapical lesions in endodontically treated teeth?
  • Why can an endodontic treatment fail?
  • Which are the indications for retreatment and which are the other therapeutic choices?
  • Which is the prognosis of retreatment?
  • What techniques are used to remove filling materials from the root canals?

The purpose of this presentation is a scientifically substantiated approach to the issue of orthograde retreatment.