Dr. Marino Sutedjo – Indonesia

Dr. Marino Sutedjo – Indonesia

Born in Surabaya-Indonesia (14th October 1979), Dr. Marino Sutedjo graduated with a BDS from dental School of Trisakti University (Jakarta-Indonesia) at 2003. In the same year he carried out his Master degree from University of Airlangga (Surabaya-Indonesia) in Conservative dentistry and finished his post graduates at 2007.

Currently is a Gold member of Style Italiano Endodontics and the first Asian to join. He is a Key Opinion Leader in Endodontic for Indonesia and Asia.

His scientific work includes continuous participations in numerous national and international meetings as a lecturer, moderator and workshop instructor.

In 2010 he opened a private dental training facility in Surabaya – Indonesia for the purpose of sharing and training exclusively for endodontics and microscope dentistry. He is also the director of this facility.

His publications as a co-author of Textbook Retreatments: Solutions for Periapical Diseases of Endodontic Origin in 2020. And in 2022, he is pointed to be a lecturer in The University of Siena – Italy, to teach Master Advanced of Endodontic Program

From 2003 until now Dr. Marino Sutedjo runs a private practice with his wife in Surabaya-Indonesia that concerning in endodontics and orthodontics.


Access to Success: The SIE Way

The objective of endodontic treatment is to prevent and intercept pulpal or periapical pathosis. How we can achieve this objective successfully depends on three factors – biomechanical preparation, disinfection and three dimensional obturation of root canal. All these factors are important but access cavity preparation is an important step of root canal treatment as it is a first step in all off endodontic procedures. A well designed access preparation is important for predictable outcome. Inadequate access may lead to intricacy of negotiating the root canal, missed canals, and difficulty in subsequent steps of biomechanical preparation, disinfection, obturation and ultimately leading to failure of the treatment. A properly prepared access cavity creates a smooth, straight line path to the canal system and ultimately to the apex or canal curvature. But, many studies indicated that our access cavity procedure will reduce more dentinal tooth structure and weaken the tooth. Therefore, our access cavity required to preserve more dentinal tooth structure by creating a contracted access to save as much as possible tooth structure

This lecture highlights the basic principles for producing a good access cavity and what criteria that we need to know for good access cavity according to Style Italiano Endodontic philosophy : Feasible, Teachable and Repeatable as well as recent armamentarium for gaining the access to root canal.