Dr. Zaher Altaqi – Saudi Arabia / Syria

Dr. Zaher Altaqi – Saudi Arabia / Syria

Dr.Zaher Altaqi obtained his DDS degree from Syrian Private University (SPU), College of Dentistry in Syria. He granted his Post-Graduate MASTER DEGREE in Endodontics from Damascus University, College of Dentistry, Syria. Then he obtained the SYRIAN BOARD of Endodontics by the Syrian commission for health specialist. He is a Gold member at STYLE ITALIANO ENDODONTICS.

He is an editorial board member of International Dental and Medical Journal of Advanced Research. He Published many articles related to endodontics . He lectures internationally in many countries about the clinical approach to Microscopic Endodontics , He conduct his private courses and modules internationally called MODERN ENDODONTICS, his private practice in Saudi Arabia – Riyadh is limited to microscopic endodontic treatment. He has an interest in broken files , microscope ergonomics and documentation.

Broken files Workshops history:
– Broken files removal workshop – IRAQ – BASRA 2016
– Broken files removal workshop – Macroscopic dentistry congress- INDIA – NEW
DELHI 2016
– Broken files removal workshop INDIA – MUMBAI 2017
– Broken files removal workshop – Damascus university – for Post graduate students 2017
– Broken files removal workshop – IRAQ – ERBIL 2018
– Broken files removal workshop – KSA– RIYADH 2018
– Broken files removal workshop – DUBAI AEEDC CONGRESS –2020
– Broken files removal workshop – DUBAI STYLE CONGRESS –2022


Lecture Title – How to remove a broken file with minimum dentine loss

Broken files removal can be considered as the most challenging procedure in endodontics to be done for the patient. Because of the difficulties of vision and the tiny space we have to deal with inside the root canal . Usually to remove a broken file we have to remove a significant amount of dentine which will result in root weakening and risk of fracture for the future prognosis . Nowadays is it possible to use special devices with predictable and repeatable technique to remove the broken files in a conservative manner without destroying the roots ? and why the old devices and techniques were aggressive ?  will see all the details during this lecture .


Worskhop – How to remove a broken files with minimum dentin loss

When the clinician faces intracanal separated instrument, the most important concern is
removal of this obstruction in order to be able to disinfect, shape and seal the root canal
system. However, this procedure should be carried out conservatively without losing much
dentin from the root, otherwise the tooth survival would be compromised.
This workshop is designed to share the speakers’ perspective on management of broken
instruments using a predictable and minimally invasive approach.

Intended learning outcomes:
During this workshop, each candidate will be guided to the following;
– Methods of preventing file fractures during instrumentation
– Available methods for retrieval of broken files from root canals
– Why Loop technique?
– Basics of ultrasonic use during broken file removal.
How to remove a file with ultrasonics ?
– Introduction to the grasping tools, with special focus on BTR PEN (loop technique )
– The difference between BTR Pen and other loop devices.
– Why Loop technique?
– The technique for ultrasonic preparation before using BTR pen device.
– The correct setup for BTR pen before the clinical use.
– The correct technique to grasp the broken file with BTR pen.
– When to use BTR pen, indications and limitations.

Live demo by the speaker for the BTR pen setup
Live demo by the speaker for the technique of broken file removal with BTR pen
All Participant will be able to practice under microscopes and removing broken file with
BTR pen device .